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The Museum / History

Establishing the Museum of Medicine was the fruit of a strenuous collective effort that began about 22 years ago by a visionary team of doctors, health workers and employees of the University of Crete. Pioneers of the initiative were the radiogist and history enthusiast, Manolis Detorakis and the Professor of Ophthalmology of the Medical School of the University of Crete, Ioannis Tsamparlakis along with members of the Cultural Association of Health Sciences of the University of Crete, an Association founded having as main objective the establishment of a Museum of Medicine in Crete.

The crusade for the awareness of the health workers’ families found a warm response that led to a significant number of donations in the years that followed and resulted in the creation of different collections of a potential Museum of Medicine (objects, books, medical instruments and equipment, archival material, etc.). These collections reflect the evolution of health sciences over the last 150 years.

However, apart from its collections, the idea of the Museum served as a starting point and also a meeting point for people, ideas and values. Values like volunteerism, offering, love for culture and history accompanied the Museum since its first steps.

In 2011, the first interactive exhibition at the Saint Mark’s Basilica marks a new era for the Museum, which seeks for accommodation and its connection with the local community. A 15-day event that evolved into a celebration of culture and volunteerism promised the foundation of the Museum of Medicine in the city of Heraklion.

A Museum is taking shape ...

In April 2014, the Museum is established in the space granted by the Medical School. With the help and financial support of the Cultural Association’s Board of Directors and the Medical School, the space is arranged so that it can host all collections. In the years that followed the Museum:
  • acquires legal entity (2016) in the form of an academic Museum and becomes a Unit of the Medical School, while Professor Yannis Mouzas is elected as the first Director and the first Museum Committee is formed.
  • develops a network of collaborations with institutions that support its work such as the Medical Association of Heraklion, the Region of Crete, the Pharmaceutical Association of Crete, the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas – Institute of Informatics, the Social Solidarity Clinic, the Museum of Natural History, the Dental Association of Heraklion.
  • acts as a link of extroversion and interconnection of the Medical School with the academic community and the local community
  • initiates and organizes series of art and speech events, actively participating in the cultural events of the city.
  • inspires and encourages the creation of a musical group (IAMA) that supports and promotes the Museum’s work.
  • supports the work of the museological study through working groups and the Museum Committee.
  • organizes educational programmes and activities in collaboration with Primary and Secondary Education and thus the work of the Museum is further disseminated to society. Students of all ages are initiated into the thematic perspectives of the Museum of Medine.
  • participates in conferences, exhibitions (Pharmaceutical Association of Crete, Pancretan Medical Congress, etc.), organizes workshops and with the course of Medicine and the Humanities, taught in the Museum, it enhances the special characteristics of the medical science as a person-centered discipline.
  • The Museum begins its first publishing steps on the occasion of a special electronic publication on the COVID-19 pandemic, while in September 2020, the Associate Professor of the Medical School, Yannis Tsiaoussis, undertakes the Management of the Museum.
  • Mr Tsiaousis who was elected a Professor, was re-elected Director of the Museum and assumed duties for the period 1/9/2023 to 31/8/2026

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